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Grief Recovery Method: How Does it Work and its Benefits

Yound Widowhood

Everyone experiences loss at some point in their lives. The death of a loved one can trigger a grief process that could be challenging to overcome without grief counseling.

At Grief Counseling San Diego, we strive to help our clients in San Diego, CA, overcome complicated grief and grief from trauma through the Grief Recovery Method. When dealing with the death of a loved one, we understand that you may struggle with the emotional and mental effects that the loss causes.

With the Grief Recovery Method, our bereavement counseling services can help you move through the pain toward healing. Call (619) 722-3737 to learn more about how this treatment works and schedule an appointment.

What Is the Grief Recovery Method and How Does it Work?

The Grief Recovery Method is an action- and evidence-based program that helps people work through their emotions during grief counseling. As one of the most effective therapeutic approaches, the Grief Recovery Method lets you work through your grief using the correct actions and conversations in a safe space with a knowledgeable grief counselor.

People often talk about the stages of grief when they lose a loved one. The stages are:

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance

The unspoken aspect of the stages of grief is that people experience each step differently at different times. There’s no way to plan the grieving process and not everyone experiences every stage. At Grief Counseling San Diego, we won’t try to fit you into the 5 stages model. We believe that everyone experiences grief in their own way and we just want to provide the space to work through your loss.

Grief Recovery Method

One reason people don’t understand how to navigate grief is the long-standing traditions of being strong, keeping busy, and grieving alone in private. These may be messages we received in our upbringing, from a loved one, teacher, or minister. While these messages may produce short-term results, they often lead to bottled-up feelings, creating more problems than they solve later in life.

Instead of following the old myths surrounding the grieving process, the Grief Recovery Method explores the loss, how it affects your life, and the best actions to take to complete the relationship to the loss. While participating in this program, you can verbalize your feelings, complete your pain, and proceed with your life free from the unprocessed emotions.

What Are the Benefits of the Grief Recovery Method?

The pain of unresolved grief can cause complications in your relationships, career, and personal life. Participating in the Grief Recovery Method can help you resolve your grief and provide the following benefits:

  • Understand and Work Through Emotional Baggage: Carrying emotional baggage from unresolved grief can affect your perception of people and situations. Coping with those emotions can help you see your life more honestly, improving your results during grief counseling.
  • Learn New Behaviors: Moving on can be challenging if issues from your past are holding you back. Sometimes, grief causes people to fall back on old habits. A recovery program helps you build new, healthier behaviors and coping skills.
  • Rebuild Yourself: Grief doesn’t have to be a lonely process. Your grief counselor will help you rebuild and rediscover yourself in a safe space.
  • Develop and Maintain Relationships: Mourning a loved one can affect your other relationships. The Grief Recovery Method can help you avoid self-sabotage in new relationships.
  • Prepare for the Future: The future is uncertain, and you could experience another loss. Learning the correct coping skills now will prepare you for the unexpected.

Why Is Talking About the Grieving Process so Difficult?

Talking plays a significant role in grief counseling and recovery. Staying silent could result in incomplete grief, which develops when you hold back emotions to prevent feeling them. Everyone experiencing grief needs an outlet to express those extreme emotions.

Grief Counseling Services

People often avoid talking during grief because it’s painful, or someone taught you that your emotions are too much. Your emotions are raw, so you might not know how to articulate yourself.

While grieving, you might worry that your feelings will make others sad or cause them to avoid you. The Grief Recovery Method gives you a safe space to get your feelings out and work with a bereavement specialist to deal with the grief.

Is Time Enough to Alleviate Deep Sadness Due to Loss?

The biggest misconception about grief is that time will heal the pain. Though time can make it easier to function daily, it doesn’t alleviate your underlying pain. If you don’t address your pain at its root, you will put your healing on hold which may lead to an assortment of ailments.

Recovery from emotional wounds isn’t much different from a physical injury recovery. In both cases, you need proper treatment to overcome the pain and move on with a fulfilling life.

Get the Help You Need at Grief Counseling San Diego

Grief counseling with the Grief Recovery Method could be your answer to coping with losing a loved one and the changes that loss brings. Grief Counseling San Diego and certified grief recovery specialist John Bacon Gilbert are here to help you on your healing journey. Even if your grief stems from the loss of a pet, a relationship, or a work colleague, our San Diego, CA, counseling center can help.

Contact us today at (619) 722-3737 to request an appointment with one of our experienced grief counselors.

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