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Grief in the Workplace

Managing grief in the workplace is challenging and often uncomfortable for those experiencing loss. Some people feel they must put on a facade during work hours. Others may struggle to even show up in the first place.

At Grief Counseling San Diego, we provide therapy for those who need to manage grief in the workplace. We understand that the road to recovery may be challenging.

Our therapists offer treatment and education solutions to ease the grieving process.

Grief keeps you from achieving your goals at work. Book and appointment with Grief Counseling San Diego to stay on track.

We Help You Understand Grief

Handling grief in the safety of your home is one thing; trying to cope at work is another. We help you identify and understand symptoms that may be affecting your work. If you struggle with grief in the workplace, you may experience:

  • Trouble focusing on tasks
  • Being unable to control your emotions
  • Feeling irritable
  • Feeling fatigued or slowing down while working
  • Increased levels of stress
  • Pressure to maintain positive spirits
  • Feeling unsafe in your environment


Anxiety and depression can significantly impact your relationship with work. Our therapists help you address these negative elements and treat them holistically.

We walk you through healthy habits and mindfulness exercises that ease your pain.

Therapy in San Diego, CA, to Manage Workplace Stress

Unchecked grief will likely cause significant stress throughout your day. We typically recommend taking available vacation time to heal. Some companies offer employee assistance programs that make grief counseling accessible.

Unfortunately, not every worker has access to these resources or vacation time. You may feel regret if work prevents you from attending a memorial service or funeral. Stay in control of your emotions by reaching out for our reliable services anytime.

It’s okay not to feel okay. We offer extensive counseling to overcome stress and regret during difficult times. Our therapists will support you for as long as you need.

Benefits of Using Therapy to Overcome Grief

It is natural to feel grief after a loss. However, you should reach out to a licensed professional if you think the weight is too much. Therapy can significantly improve your ability to manage your emotions in public.

When you trust us to help you manage your grief, you will:

  • Learn healthy methods to manage stress, depression, and anxiety
  • Communicate feelings in a safe and comfortable environment
  • Strengthen your relationship with your loved ones
  • Practice mindfulness and behaviors that keep you in control of your emotions
  • Regain confidence in your independence
  • Begin enjoying life again


Every patient is different, so we take time to understand your situation and guide you toward solutions. We will plan around your busy schedule, so work does not interfere with recovery.

In addition, we communicate information transparently so that you can be confident in the treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about grief in the workplace:

Grief In The Workplace

Dealing with grief at work can be challenging without knowing the right strategies, but you can avoid falling behind on the job when you start feeling the effects of grief. Our counselors will help you find healthy ways to manage grief while on the clock.

Most workplaces are symbiotic. If you struggle to keep up because of grief, it can negatively impact your coworkers. Physical and mental responses may keep your team from accomplishing goals.

You don’t need to feel guilty about these natural responses. We will support you and help you maintain a healthy relationship with peers.

Keep the gears turning by taking advantage of our resources to heal. We will ensure you have the treatment options that prevent your grief from affecting your workspace negatively.

Many workplaces offer a bereavement period for those affected by a loss. We recommend taking time off if possible. Giving yourself space to focus on healing is an excellent way to recover from grief.

If you are not in a position to take time off, speak with us. We will help guide you through the healing process.

We offer both one-on-one and group grief therapy sessions. Contact us if you have questions about which format is right for you.

Manage grief in the workplace by contacting Grief Counseling San Diego. Click the button below to schedule and appointment.

Our Other Grief Counseling Services

Bereavement Counseling

Overcoming grief is not easy. Many struggle to overcome the pain of losing a loved one, which can significantly impact your relationships and work.

Bereavement counseling is an excellent way to ground yourself and reconnect with happiness.

Our therapists work at your pace for the best results.

Animal Grief Counseling

We typically outlive our pets, and the pain of losing them can take a toll on our mental health. At Grief Counseling San Diego, we do not judge how loss affects your mental health.

We offer animal grief counseling so you have the support you need after losing a pet.

We help you manage your feelings constructively so that the death of a pet will not keep you from enjoying life.

Complicated Grief Counseling

If you feel you are struggling to move past the stages of grief over time, reach out to our office.

Complicated grief affects nearly a quarter of those who experience loss. Our counselors will identify problematic symptoms and help you find effective coping strategies.

We provide comprehensive therapy options, like mindfulness and behavioral therapy. Our complicated grief counseling can help you find the strength to move on.

Couples Grief Counseling

Shared feelings of loss can shake the foundation of any relationship. If you have concerns that grief negatively impacts you and your partner, try couples grief counseling.

Our therapists implement practical solutions, reinforcing communication and empathy in your relationship. It is frightening to feel like another loved one may leave when you are grieving.

You can feel confident with our services, knowing you have relationship support during these challenging times.

Dealing With Loss

Losing a loved one can be a devastating life event that impacts your happiness and relationships.

Grief is a natural response to loss; however, some experience worse pain than others.

Different types of loss may cause symptoms like Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Fatigue, Anger, Insecurity, and Loss of appetite.

At Grief Counseling San Diego, we can help you understand the common types of grief and how to overcome them.

Grief In The Workplace

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