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Complicated Grief Counseling

Losing a loved one is never easy. The grief process can, at times, feel overwhelming and painful. Still, with complicated grief counseling, these natural responses to loss should begin to ease as time passes.

If you struggle with overcoming loss or fear, it impacts your personality, you may be managing complicated grief.

Although psychologists do not fully understand the roots of this condition, you can still find relief. Grief Counseling San Diego helps you move past loss so you can begin enjoying life.

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We Help You Identify Complicated Grief

Complicated grief is an intense feeling of prolonged stress, depression, or anxiety triggered by losing a loved one. While death is the most common form of loss, a bereaved person can experience grief from breakups, sudden lifestyle changes, and disabilities.

Our licensed therapists will work with you to identify the symptoms of this prolonged grief disorder, such as:

  • Negative emotions related to loss that do not ease over time
  • The feeling that you cannot go on without a loved one
    Inability to control your emotions in public
  • Obsession over a late loved one
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Withdrawal from activities that once brought you joy
  • Longing and negative thoughts relating to memories that once brought you joy
  • Suicidal thoughts

While many of these symptoms may individually result from other mental health concerns, a combination indicates complicated grief.

Ethical Treatment Options for Complicated Grief in San Diego, CA

Complicated grief treatment is an effective therapy that helps you cope with loss. At Grief Counseling San Diego, we ensure that every patient receives quality therapy at their own pace.

Many of these therapy strategies resemble those effective for depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

We personalize every solution so you receive the best results for your treatment. You may benefit from group therapy, family therapy, or one-on-one settings that give you support to overcome pain.

In addition, our grief counselors believe in holistic approaches to healing. We offer a safe space to speak freely about your emotions. We also provide helpful advice for coping outside our office.

Our complicated grief counseling promotes healthy lifestyle habits and mindfulness that enhance your ability to manage grief. Whether you struggle with acute grief or more severe symptoms, we will be patient to find solutions that work.

Complicated Grief Therapy

Therapy can be intensive and emotionally exhaustive. Depending on your condition, recovering from complicated grief can take several months. In the meantime, we encourage our patients to continue on with life.

We help identify stressors that may trigger grief and help you reinforce behaviors that manage them. Your healing may improve through physical fitness, like strength training or yoga. Perhaps you can benefit from picking up creative routines that channel emotions into constructive products.

At Grief Counseling San Diego, we know that every patient is different. That is why we offer quality support for each unique need, so you are confident someone will always be by your side.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions we receive about complicated grief:

Animal Grief

We define complicated grief as a combination of one or more severe symptoms directly related to losing a loved one. This condition must typically last several months to over a year for a proper diagnosis.

  • Normal grief — the range of negative emotions immediately following a loss. These symptoms ease over time.
  • Anticipatory grief — the feeling of negative emotions relating to loss before death occurs. We typically see these in individuals with family in hospice or long-term care.
  • Traumatic grief — grief responses manifesting as violent, horrifying, or paralyzing experiences.
  • Delayed grief — debilitating symptoms of distress that manifest long after losing a loved one.

The most effective way to survive extreme grief is by reaching out to an experienced therapist or grief counselor. These professionals will help you practice behavioral habits and mindfulness that ease your distress.

Complicated grief is a challenging disorder to manage. Fortunately, our licensed professionals will give you the resources to heal.

We offer both one-on-one and group grief therapy sessions. Contact us if you have questions about which format is right for you.

We Are Here For You

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Our Other Grief Counseling Services

Bereavement Counseling

Overcoming grief is not easy. Many struggle to overcome the pain of losing a loved one, which can significantly impact your relationships and work.

Bereavement counseling is an excellent way to ground yourself and reconnect with happiness.

Our therapists work at your pace for the best results.

Animal Grief Counseling

We typically outlive our pets, and the pain of losing them can take a toll on our mental health. At Grief Counseling San Diego, we do not judge how loss affects your mental health.

We offer animal grief counseling so you have the support you need after losing a pet.

We help you manage your feelings constructively so that the death of a pet will not keep you from enjoying life.

Couples Grief Counseling

Shared feelings of loss can shake the foundation of any relationship. If you have concerns that grief negatively impacts you and your partner, try couples grief counseling.

Our therapists implement practical solutions, reinforcing communication and empathy in your relationship. It is frightening to feel like another loved one may leave when you are grieving.

You can feel confident with our services, knowing you have relationship support during these challenging times.

Grief In The Workplace

Loss affects many facets of life, including work. If you struggle to manage emotions, you may fail to meet expectations on the job.

These workspaces may not be the best environment to find support for your grief.

We offer counseling services for those who struggle with grief in the workplace. Utilize our resources to get back on track with your routine.

Our counselors will support you regardless of your background or industry.

Dealing With Loss

Losing a loved one can be a devastating life event that impacts your happiness and relationships.

Grief is a natural response to loss; however, some experience worse pain than others.

Different types of loss may cause symptoms like Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Fatigue, Anger, Insecurity, and Loss of appetite.

At Grief Counseling San Diego, we can help you understand the common types of grief and how to overcome them.

Complicated Grief Counseling

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